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Three parts: Past, present, future
July 30, 2008, 11:25 am
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First off, I wanted to follow up on the Parental Differences #1 in a series post, and mention that more discussions ensued and we reached an agreement. We (or I) discovered that there are significant problems when we don’t have an explicit agreement on a baseline position, like “She should be on a sleep schedule.” When we don’t have that, we both just fly by the seat of our pants. And flying by the seat of one’s pants is a fun and delightful way to live when you’re not a parent, but is a bit lacking when you’re the steward of someone else’s growth.

Secondly, the bean can now sit up while holding her head! Woot! Check it:

And finally, I have had the Peggy Lee song, “Is That All There Is?” stuck in my head for the past few days. Am I bored? I love being a mama, and our little family. I love LOVE LOVE that little bug more than anything. But I find myself – between diaper changes and episodes of one-handed mopping – wondering what else there is? The mere act of asking the question has opened up a rusty sector of my brain – the creative sector – and I am suddenly coming up with ideas for green products, and movie plots, and furniture designs. Course there’s no time to do anything about these. But whatever. Maybe someone will invent a computer/matter converter that can take an idea and make it, so I can build my prototype and still change diapers, clean up spittle, and mop.


Hand-eye coordination
June 27, 2008, 4:55 am
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Or actually, “foot-eye” coordination is a little more accurate.


With favorite fuzzy triangle

Until yesterday, she was not interested in picture books. Way more intriguing were the prints on the wall, or the plant, or the pile of yarn atop my shelf. But no, yesterday she was digging the picture books. Her favorite was Baby Animals Black and White, especially the otter. It is a pretty cute otter.