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Power of 2
January 30, 2009, 10:09 am
Filed under: feeding

The bug really likes to have two of one thing.  Two rings, two spoons, two blocks. One in each hand.  She tries to mash them together – or fit them together – or otherwise map one to the other.  You can almost see her brain working to integrate how “likeness” works.  

This morning, as I was feeding her, she grabbed the spoon as she normally does.  I got another spoon to continue on my way (as I normally do) but this time she grabbed that spoon too. I thought, hmm. I snuck the first spoon away from her, filled it with food, and gave the spoon to her – instead of trying to feed her – to see what she’d do with it. At first, she flapped it everywhere, spilling peaches and oatmeal all over the place.

 The next time, we did it again. This time she flapped it a bit more gently before putting it in her mouth and eating it.

Go bug go!   

Now she’s flapping my door open and shut.