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everyone’s sick
February 18, 2009, 9:25 pm
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Okay, friends, romans and countrymen – everyone in our wee family is sick.  Papa got sick this AM, bug is sick now, and mama is about to get sick if she doesn’t get sleep soon.  

Drop by at your own risk. 

love, your friends, the festering germ farmers


Valentine’s Day Brunch
February 15, 2009, 9:36 pm
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We spent this rainy day with a bunch of other parents and their kids.  I love seeing all the wee ones as they bibble around and screech and throw things and stack blocks and dance.  

I’ve had numerous conversations with K, who hosted the brunch, about the myriad ways in which our families and those of our friends could collaborate on something larger than us. What does that look like – the extended family? A co-op?  Some other way to take advantage of economies of scale with 10-20-50 families? I have fantasies of starting a school.  But then I go to the East Bay Preschool Fair and find a gazillion really awesome little schools.   And I’m not sure I’m down with starting a middle or high school.  

The bug is suddenly more and more “online.” Today, she and KT played peek-a-boo, and it wasn’t just KT hiding her face.  The bug too hid her face, only to show it again, beaming!! She learned how to slide down a (gradual) stair without bonking her head.  It’s taken a few days for her to get back to this after a bit of a bonk last week. And, at the table, she not only holds the drinking glass by herself, she lets out a screech when she’s ready for us to hand it to her.   

I had a chat with one of the papas at todays brunch about the way that babies transition from protoplasmic blob to conscious being.  I know it’s happening now. But why?  This papa has studied a bunch of developmental psych says that the psych community talks about babies first s consciousness as his or her “image.”  The image of self, in relation to their environment, parents, etc.   I’m not sure the word “image” worked for me in this context, as I think of babies as more experiential. Maybe “map” would make more sense.  Certainly the idea that a baby’s soul/brain/consciousness is a map …. or template on which their early experiences are imprinted makes sense.  But where? Why? What’s there before all this other crap gets imprinted?  I need to find a good book that explains it all.  

In addition to bug-mania, I have a million projects going on these days:  The killer iPhone app, for one.  A screenplay.  My growing social media consulting practice and a cool and fairly intense client.  A kids’ educational event I’m producing. Learning to sew, which is totally rewarding!  Cooking a lot, too.  Something about this crap weather and even crappier economy makes me want to prepare large cauldrons of stewed meat.