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teething >:(
March 8, 2009, 8:01 pm
Filed under: milestones

Holy crap.  Who knew this sucked so hard?  R just wants to crawl out of her skin. She has one hand in her mouth all the time, and snot is streaming out her nose.  She wakes up once every hour, miserable.  Ugh.


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orajel, maybe? there are also those teething things you put in the freezer so it’s cold for them, but snapper never really liked those. but maybe the bean will.

Comment by e

So sorry to hear it! I kept telling Snapper “teeth are overrated! There is maintenance, dentist’s invasions and accompanying bills…plus all the cool kids live on smoothies!” To no avail.
I gave her Tylenol. The teeth really do hurt. Also they sometimes get a low fever with teething. Yeah, she didn’t like those cold suck-on things.

Comment by Heather M

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