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A new approach to sleep
February 26, 2009, 5:41 am
Filed under: sleep

It could be that she’s teething  – or simply that she’s 10 months old and totally ON FIRE about being alive and getting into everything…now! Either way, we’re trying new and inventive ways to encourage Ms Frijolita to sleep through the night.  Two nights ago, she woke 5 – count ’em, 5 – times.  Each time, I went over and held her…didn’t pick her up….just held her and sang to her and massaged her body.  Each time, I stayed with her til she was asleep or almost asleep.  It usually took between 3 and 15 min, but I could feel the difference in her little body – how much more relaxed she was.  Hoping to teach her what it feels like to be soothed, without having to nurse.  

Last night, she woke once, at 4.  I soothed her for a while and nursed b/c she’s usually hungry at this hour.  Probably should have given her the bottle instead, but was too tired to think of that in the moment. Will try that tomorrow.


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