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February 20, 2009, 7:39 pm
Filed under: miracle, recommendations

Who knew leaving the house could be so awesome! OMG KT and I saw Z-Trip last night and it positively RULED! He played at 1015 Folsom, which has been remodeled since I was last there a hundred or so years ago, and it felt like a completely different place.  Of course, we were not in the door 20 seconds before I ran into an old clubbing friend from my mis-spent dancing youth.  

The crowd was really cool – nobody had attitude – everyone was just having a good time.  I felt like the old cougar lady shakin it up with the kiddos.  But the kids were so down-to-earth and friendly and accepting.  The cougar thing was my trip – not theirs. 

Good Lordy, it felt good to really dance.  Z-Trip’s music is really pretty intense.  He’s got this insane amalgamation of samples from the last 40 years of musical history, and matches keys, timbres, even lyrics to come up with some very playful and ROCKIN results.  There was some nice electro going on in the front room, too. Oh man, must….leave…house…more…often…


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