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Crikey! What kind of diapers shall we use?!
September 25, 2008, 2:28 am
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Okay – so I’ve been a terrible blogger of late.  Mostly b/c we came back from four weeks traveling across this great country on Amtrak, and it’s been all about getting consulting gigs, doing laundry, organizing my  crap, dealing with the bean’s new, less predictable sleeping patterns, and not getting sucked into a deep depression thanks to the boneheaded $700bn bailout idea.


One thing has drawn me back into bloggerhood and that is what to do about the bean’s output.  We started her on disposables, then converted over to g-diapers, which have a washable cloth cover over an inner lining you can flush down the toilet.  That’s all well and good, but it causes our plumbing to balk a good 20% of the time. Plus, she’s growing out of the cloth covers, so the time is nigh to make a change.

So, we ventured out onto the internets to do a little research, and came back glassy eyed and numbed.  How many products named with some variation on “Buns,” “Bunz,” “Bumz,” “Fuzz,” and “Eaze” could you possibly have? My first instinct is to go for the diaper service and pay someone else to wash all this poop out. Esp since the bean is about to venture into solid foods.  C’s more of an investigative sort and wants to review all the options.  So, without further ado: here is a redux:

“All in one” – cloth diapers with a waterproof shell, and snaps or velcro. Available in one size fits all.


  • as easy to put-on as disposables
  • one-size-fits-all means they grow with your baby
  • can use inserts to be more absorbent
  • polysomething fabric keeps baby drier
  • positive recs by a few of my friends


  • most expensive
  • unclear whether it works w.o. an insert
  • microfleece makes it hard to know when diaper needs changing
  • colorful covers means no bleach
  • needs to be rinsed, washed, rinsed again in washer.

Example: BumGenius 1.0 and 2.0. I think 3.0 is actually a pocket diaper (see below)

Pocket diapers – cloth with waterproof shell, and an inner insert which is washable.

  • inner layer keeps baby dryer
  • can use different inserts


  • expensive
  • insert can be yucky to remove
  • not sure if this is bleachable
  • no diaper services, baby, we’re washing this ourselves

Example: Fuzzibunz

Fitted or contoured diapers with waterproof cover

  • cheaper than the ones above
  • fits more snugly on baby (again, is this a good thing?)
  • can go coverless when hot


  • lack of info
  • no services, baby, we’re washing this ourselves

Traditional three-fold diapers with waterproof cover


  • cheapest
  • can use diaper service,
  • can go coverless when hot
  • most of my friends and colleagues are doing this


  • pain to deal with cloth AND cover
  • wetter baby means changing more often
  • wetter baby also means easier toilet training, though.

So if it were up to me and me alone, I would go with the 3 folds and the service.  C’s really interested in trying either all in ones or pockets, and has agreed to be responsible for the additional laundry. Cool!

So with our research behind us, we are now seeking a nice sample of different all in ones and pockets to try, to see if this laundry thing is really going to work.

Of course there’s also Elimination Communication, or “EC” for short.  Basically, you start noticing when your baby has to “go,” strip off the diaper and run her over to the potty for her to “go” there.  Friends swear by this.

Anyway! So I’m actually more confused than I was when I set out to make this post. Sorry bout that.


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Have you considered gDiapers? That’s what we ordered and are hoping to use once our little girl arrives. They’re cloth shells with a waterproof inner liner that holds a paper pad in place (which should catch most of the fluids and solids). The paper pad biodegrades in 90 days, so they seem easier on the environment and hopefully not as harsh on the potential water usage. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for (check them out at http://www.gdiapers.com ; we ordered ours over amazon.com).

Comment by charlotte

Yes, we actually did try G-Diapers and they’re awesome awesome awesome in concept. The problem was they’re pretty hard on our plumbing. So once the bean outgrew the smalls we had, we donated them to someone and looked for a new solution. I would love to see G-Diapers succeed though. They really are a great idea.

Comment by over40mama

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