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10 years ago today…
August 2, 2008, 5:28 pm
Filed under: milestones

I drove from Wall, South Dakota to Rock Springs, Wyoming in my trusty Mazda. I had sold almost everything I owned to move from Minneapolis to San Francisco.

The first leg of the trip, from Minneapolis to Wall, was fraught with anxiety and regret. Leaving my family was the hardest thing I’d ever done, and now I was going some gazillion miles and 2 time zones later? What was I thinking???!

After spending the night in Wall, the only hotel room for miles around (thanks to the Sturgis rally that was happening in the eponymous town), I felt refreshed. As Spot (the name of my aforementioned Madza) climbed his first mountains on a back road in Eastern Wyoming, I felt a new sense of exhilaration for the prospects of my life ahead. What would it bring?

I was excited for all the newness and opportunity. I loved the communities to which I’d been introduced. I loved the music out here. And the people doing cool stuff with technology and nature. I had dreams of starting a company or making a movie – of maybe meeting Mr Right and what the heck, even having a baby? Whatever. I was 33 at the time, and the possibilities seemed as endless as that windy, sun-dappled mountain road.

On that journey, I listened to a bunch of cassettes (lol remember those?!) – Seefeel, Queen Latifah, and Dif Juz. Just last week, I found the Seefeel disc when we moved into the new house. I’d forgotten about it, its significance, and that this week was such a big anniversary. I put it on yesterday and said a prayer of gratitude for the last 10 years. The new sheen has worn off, and there are now plenty of rusty bits and broken dreams here, and it’s easy to forget the bigger picture. But, while I still have plenty of dreams, I did sort of start a company and I did make a little tiny movie. I also get to enjoy the communities, the music, my husband, and the coolest little bug on the planet. May the next 10 years be full of creative expression, good health, spiritual connection and prosperity…


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How amazing. All your dreams are coming true 🙂

Oh, and it could’ve been worse. You could’ve come across an 8-track.

Comment by patricia

that’s all?! what about those dreams? which company and which movie? what are your insights? give some bread for thought.


Comment by Gil

i love queen latifah! and i still have oodles of cassettes. happy anniversary my birthdate sister. i hope to see you soon (and the bug)

Comment by sharona

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