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Today’s huge milestone
July 16, 2008, 7:43 am
Filed under: sleep

The bean can now hold her head up, for real, without anyone else helping. It’s SOO COOL! She loves to sit up in a lap, looking out, to see what’s going on. She does not like to be left out of conversations!

We’ve started really co-sleeping, like nightly, to see if it makes a difference in her sleep. The two things I’ve learned are 1) that co-sleeping totally works (for now*) and 2) that sleeping is one of the major confusing issues and nobody REALLY has any right answers. There are so many conflicting books, theories, ideas, research etc, the best thing to do is keep trying new things til something works. Because no matter what theory you ascribe to, the kid really does need sleep.

* Another insight: always add “for now” to any statement about infant sleep, because it is guaranteed to change anyway.


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Add “for now” to any statement about *anything* child related. Really, it doesn’t stop changing EVAH. 🙂

Comment by mama pajama

LOL. good point. 😐

Comment by over40mama

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