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July 11, 2008, 7:30 am
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R is doing great. She just came through a particularly fussy week with a mellow and entirely sweeter demeanor than she had before. According to this awesome book, “The Wonder Weeks,” she (at week 11-12) was experiencing an accelerated growth period wherein her brain was developing the capacity to experience transitions. For instance, when a baby is young, s/he can experience light and d dark, or hot and cold – but can’t tell the difference, and can’t tell that one is sight and the other is a bodily feeling. During this growth phase, the pathways in the brain develop, such that the baby can experience the difference between light and dark, and the transitions (or the shades of gray) between light and dark.

R had a tough time with this phase, but it seems to have passed. Now, she is now even more amazing and differentiated. She can hold her head up for extended periods of time. She can grab my finger and put it in her mouth. She cracks up when I kiss her tummy and feet.

I took an infant massage class from an awesome woman at Alta Bates. She taught this as much spiritual practice, as a reminder of the sacred role of parenthood. IT’s wonderful to engage the bean in this way. I am trying to get her on a schedule for massage (and bathing for that matter) but it seems as though both of those activities wake her up and make her MORE energized than not. So for now, I bathe and massage her in the day. I hope to transition this to evening, though, because I love the idea of a daily bed time ritual. Or maybe we’ll do something else.

Okay, I’m burying the lede, as my good friend Neal used to say: We moved yesterday. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! After 3 and a half years, we are living in the house we’ve built. Holy crap it’s been a long time coming. LAALAALAA! It’s beautiful here. I set up the bean’s little crib area in our room, and it’s so cozy. She fell asleep in her bassinette right away – a great omen, considering how hard it’s been to get her to sleep recently.

Okay – back to putting away clothes. 🙂


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Glad things are going well with your little bean and as a mom. We need more pictures!

Now, are you saying you built a house yourselves? Or you remodeled a house? Or is this more of a metaphorical statement?

So glad you are well!

Comment by megc

So nice to see your discription of your infant massage class. Those moments you spend connecting with your baby can indeed be spiritual and a gift that can last a lifetime. But trying to schedule the ‘quiet alert’ times when your baby is ready for a massge, well … it will be just another way to practice one of parenthoods greatests lessons; flexibility.

Who was your teacher at Alta Bates? I’ve some friends who are looking for a good class.

Comment by David

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