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Week 3 growth (reposted from May 11)
June 16, 2008, 4:26 pm
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Beano has been showing a couple of smiles here and there. Big, broad, sweet smiles.  She’s also on a growth spurt, nursing upwards of 10-12 times a day. Her belly is appreciably rounder, as are her arms & legs & ears. LOL. Yep, her ears are huge, compared to what they were when she was born.  And given how often she nurses, I am seeing a lot of her ears these days.

Her head has more of a normal baby head shape, (as opposed to conehead) and her hairline is becoming more distinct.  You can see the outline of her eyebrows, which you could not see before.  And her eyes are still sort of blue-gray.

She’s gotten much better at screaming.  She’s got a style of screaming that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.  She screams until there’s not a molecule of air left in her lungs – and she’s convulsing with pain and frustration. It’s the kind of sound designed to take mama’s heart, throw it across the room and smash it into ten-thousand pieces.

I am – once again – exhausted.  Time for the late afternoon nap.


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